Innovation in Education – The ultimate Israeli experience

Israel is widely known as a leader in innovation, creative thinking and entrepreneurial education. Now it’s your turn. Get up close with the unique educational processes that have become a model for other countries to replicate.

A Magical mix of fun and knowledge

Encouraging the student’s natural creativity and entrepreneurial mindset, these camps run in both the summer and winter months, providing the opportunity to explore the natural environment and take part in fun activities, at the same time as nurturing creative thinking and innovation.

Instil a love of learning

Experience classrooms like no other. Play with the educational building blocks that created one of the most innovative workforces in the world. Lifelong learning skills, creative thinking and essential soft skills are all on the curriculum – you better sharpen your pencils.

Encourage independent thinking from the start

Our understanding of the world starts as early as preschool. Encouraging innovative practices in the youngest classrooms can have a measurable impact as children move through their school years and into the world and workforce. So, play nice.

Plant the seeds and watch them grow

The world is our most precious gift to the next generation, and we all need the right education to learn how to hand it over in pristine condition. From eco-friendly innovation, to an education in sustainable energy and power – We show you how to keep it green.

From studies to success

Our technological innovation is known as the secret sauce in the recipe of the start-up nation. Behind the scenes, learn from educators and instructors who teach the essentials in STEM education, technology and robotics, paving the future one innovation at a time.

Israeli education at your door

No time to travel? No worries. We bring the innovation and education to you, providing you with the winning combination of Jewish thought, creative learning and educational excellence, in the comfort of your own environment.

Innovation front and centre

Entrepreneurial skills don’t just appear when children leave school and enter the real world. The right tools need to be part and parcel of your education from the start. The Israeli school system is exceptional at forming creative thinkers ready to make a difference. Are you?

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