The 3c model for Creative and Entrepreneurial Learning


1. Communication is a necessary tool for expressing and receiving messages from people around us. We live in a time where media is diverse and broadcast by various means. The cellular world has brought about a different way of communicating for the future generation and sometimes it seems that the most basic and important ability of verbal interpersonal communication has been forgotten

During the seminar we will work on the internal dialogue of the student with himself, his ability to define his desires and aspirations and create the inner motivation to reach his goals. We will focus on communication with his immediate environment, his ability to express to others in his closest circle of support and let them help him achieve his goals, communication with the wider environment and the ability to allow people and various factors in an environment that are not close to him assist him.

2. Collaboration – In the 21st century workforce, it is clear that cooperation in every field of employment is necessary in order to reach the best possible result. The worker is required to actively design his or her social or professional affiliation circles in order to advance their goals. With the belief that in the future people will be able to choose their colleagues for projects they are involved in regardless of the parent company where they work and / or the specific content in which they are engaged, they will work according to a professional resource pooling to promote a project, the ability to work in tremendous mutual-fertilizing will be necessary to create the 1 + 1 = 11 formula. During the seminar, the students will practice cooperative work and cooperation in a variety of tasks given to them.

3. Creativity – Creative thinking and creativity as a way of life is the most important ability for a person in the 21st century. Flexible thinking, daring and initiative are inseparable parts of creativity and skills needed for survival in the future work world. When the two areas mentioned – communication and collaboration – are best implemented, creativity can be at its best. When a person feels that he can express himself clearly and is understood by his co-workers and is in a protected environment, creative thinking can reach infinite heights. Sometimes the supportive environment is in the person’s mind and here comes the interest in developing the self-confidence of the learner so that he can provide himself with an internal supportive environment rather than an external one.