A Magical mix of fun and knowledge

One Step Ahead together with Vered HaSharon offers summer / winter camp programs for youth and children who come to Israel. The program will combine both touring the historical sites of Israel and lessons in a classroom on the subject of developing study skills. The content is part of the “Michael Method” that has been operating in Israel for the past 23 years. The method focuses on maximizing personal potential through the skills learned in the course. In addition, meetings will be held with Israeli youth of parallel ages, for joint learning and recreational activities.

The summer / winter camp program is structured so that the participants undergo an empowering and meaningful learning experience. They will benefit from learning about the country firsthand on trips they will take with a certified tour guide from the Vered HaSharon team. The most valuable lesson they will gain from attending Michael Method lessons will be the unique techniques they will acquire to serve them to excell in their studies in the future.

An unforgettable experience of a lifetime for those participating.

The Program Coordinator and Pedagogical Director will be Orly Vered, a teacher, educator and entrepreneur in the field of education for the past three decades, who currently supervises principals and teachers in various educational programs.

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