About Us

One Step Ahead – International Educational Cooperation.
The company aims at bridging the education organizations between Israel and other countries to seek enriched creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation collaborations. Founded by Ms. Orly Vered, who has more than 25 years of experience in educational management.

Our Vision:

To bridge the educational endeavors between Israel and other countries for mutual learning without cultural limitations. We want to reveal and pass along the “secret” of Israeli creative entrepreneurial thinking.
Our wish is to create opportunities for cooperation between influential Israeli education institutes and the leading educational programs in countries around the world. We foresee collaboration between Chinese and Israeli educators that encourages entrepreneurial and innovative teaching methods

Our expertise includes:

1. Hosting educational delegations from around the world to Israel,  to learn more about the Israeli educational system with a focus on innovation and educational entrepreneurship. (aimed at Heads of education departments in municipalities, educators, school principals, entrepreneurs in the field of education).

2. Representing Israeli leading educational institutes who are interested in conducting courses in their home country for teaching staff, specializing in teaching creative thinking, innovation and educational initiatives and entrepreneurship.

3. Providing professional pedagogic consultation to educational institutions that wish to establish educational frameworks in the spirit of Israeli Jewish education in their country.

4. Summer and Winter Camps in Israel  for children and parents; designing the special programs according to the different groups.

5. Summer and Winter camps in Israel for youth in cooperation with the “Michael Method” and the YazamutA Project.

One Step Ahead is an independent company linked to all educational institutions in Israel, from the Ministry of Education to private institutions and is a subsidiary of Vered Hasharon, using the advantage of 20 years of experience in the Asian market especially China.

Ankina Jin – Our represenative in China

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