Gordon Academy

Gordon Academy

The Gordon Academy is based in Haifa and was founded in 1955. Their aims are simple; to train highly-skilled teachers for the 21st Century workforce. Through their cutting-edge curriculum, teachers are taught to integrate advanced technological skills with innovative teaching strategies crafted for today’s students.

It is one of the oldest and most recognised academia for teachers training in Israel. In addition, Gordon Academy is involved in research in several educational fields. They offer B.Ed and M.A degree programs.

Gordon Academy has one of the best and largest departments for integrating innovative technology into classrooms, as well as a very large department specializing in pre-school education.

Alongside traditional learning methods, the Gordon Academy facilitates a number of unique courses, allowing students to meet with and learn from knowledgeable experts in multi-disciplinary areas of study. Courses range from Social and Ethical Issues in the Virtual World, to digital and information Literacy in Academia, the place of Social Media in Educational Services and more.

About Gordon Academy

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