Michael Method

Michael Method

The Michael Method was founded in Israel by Mani Barzilai in 1998, developed by dozens of academics and scientists from multiple fields of study. The method was created as a direct solution to bridge the gap between the slow changes of our global education system and the urgent and immediate need for innovation and creative learning for today’s students.  Michael Method has been operating in Israel for the past 23 years.

The Michael Method emphasizes Communication Collaboration and Creativity as the most necessary elements of the current and emerging job market for future employees.

To date, more than 350,000 students have studied the Michael Method. The method is universal, and can be easily adapted to any culture or language – leading to worldwide adoption in countries such as Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

Orly Vered is a senior mentor of the Michael Method and is part of the team that trains new mentors.

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