Orly Vered – Biography

Orly is the founder of One Step Ahead – International Cooperation in Education.

Orly holds a BA in Education and an MA in Development and Counseling for educational systems. She has been an educator for more than 26 years, a mentor for principals and teachers and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of education from preschool age 0-6 through to high school age 14-18.

Over the past few years, Orly has managed more than 150 kindergartens and schools as a Pedagogical Director.
Through years of experience working in Israeli education, Orly is familiar with the Israeli framework and systems very well. She is also well-connected and has excellent relations with relevant decision-makers in the Israeli Ministry of Education.

She believes deeply in collaboration, shared learning without limits or barriers and promotes cooperation between educators from different countries and across different cultures.
As an Israeli, Orly believes that the ’start-up nation’ has a lot to offer in the field of creative thinking and entrepreneurship. She wants to enhance the exciting new directions and the initiatives steeped in innovation that are being embraced in the field of Education.

She has been an educator in the Ministry of Education for years, and her acquaintance with all the educational institutions in Israel gives her access to all departments of education in the Ministry of Education and under the supervision of the Ministries Education. Orly is a Regional pedagogical instructor for the “Nitzanim” program – a program of the Ministry of Education to train educational teams to work in preschools and elementary schools. In addition, in order to be connected to the field and not shut up in the academic ivory tower, she is a facilitator in the”Yazamuta” project and teaches entrepreneurship as part of a spatial program for teenagers at the “Gvanim” High School.

Between 2015-2018 she Instructed teachers and school principals throughout Israel on behalf of Beth Hatefutsoth / Tel Aviv University, and the ministry of education as part of the “Multi-generational Connection” program, which connects the adult population of the community with the school’s students who document the elderly story of life with digital tools.

Orly created the Sixsi model for creative and entrepreneurial learning. The model talks about creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and choice and voice as essential tools in the 21stcentury. The model is integrated into all of Orly’s educational activities, whether that’s working directly with the students or with the teaching staff she guides.

Based on the model, Orly developed a unique seminar for teaching staff from kindergarten up to university lecturers and everyone in between. “Create, Innovate, educate “- The seminar consists of both in-depth theory and hands-on workshops. This balance is essential to complement Orly’s belief that only experience can pre-empt knowledge. With this seminar, participants experience both emotional depth and cognitive understanding, providing a strong foundation to take the information into their practical teaching, for good.

Orly is a Certified Mentor and Senior Team Member on behalf of ‘Michael’s Method, she is also the exclusive representative of the method in China. The method is an empowerment program for the personal potential of excellence, which has been operating in Israel for more than 25 years and has more than 350,000 graduates. In the past two years, the method has been operating in countries such as Lithuania, Vietnam, and the Netherlands. Recently, Orly was amongst the senior staff who went to the University of Addis Ababa ’Ethiopia, to give a five-day course to the university’s senior teaching staff.

Orly believes that developing creative thinking, entrepreneurship and ‘thinking outside the box’ are abilities that can be acquired through training and learning, and are essential tools for all practitioners in the field of Education in the 21st Century, this belief guides her way on a daily basis.