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Delegation from Guangxi Academy of governance – Qingxiu district, Nanning City

With JI NAN visiting school # 14 and an elementary school with a delegation of educators from around the world

Delegation of educators from China

Visiting various schools throughout Israel and attending our workshop. In addition, a lecture was given by Limor Livnat, the former Education Minister

School administration delegation from the Jack Ma Foundation to promote education in remote areas of China

An 8-day tour  where principals visited various elementary schools across Israel, for two days of teacher training seminars and a workshop on creativity development as an educational tool

Hosting and Workshop for Entrepreneurial Women

Hosting and Workshop for Entrepreneurial Women in Various fields (Including Education) by the International Fund for Entrepreneurship among Women Worldwide

International conference – Jinan City – China October 2019

International conference on education, and workshop for 30 teachers from various schools in the city

Shiny Way Executive

Establishing pedagogical team-Wenzhou

Hangzhou City – Summer Training Workshop – July 2019

SIXSI Workshop on Creativity as a Daily Educational Tool at School at a summer training camp for principals and teachers in Hangzhou UNIVERSITY. Read more about it HERE

April 2019 delegation from Shanghai – 

A group of educators, school administrators and company owners who teach language came to visit and see firsthand the Israeli educational system. The SIXSI model deals with creativity and educational innovation.

Teachers Delegation from Beijing – January 2019

Seminar for Kindergarten teachers – Wenzhou  – December 2018

A two-day seminar delivered to the MICALLO Kindergarten and pedagogical team. An intensive seminar during which the kindergarten teachers went through different experiences and activities to connect with their creative side in their work. During the seminar, they received practical tools for work based on the SIXSI model. The seminar was the first activity of a 3-year pedagogical escort program which OSA operates with the MICALLO network.

Workshop for school principals – Creativity Development – December 2018

Michael Method mentors training course – September 2018

July 2018

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