Innovation in Education – Sixsi Model

We all understand that the changes that are happening around us are swift and radical and need to be appreciated on the level of preparing children who are growing up in today’s world.

Educational systems around the world are sharing their views on this and changes in the approach to making the material accessible to students are being seen around the world.

With this understanding, Orly Vered, educator for the last 30 years created the Sixsi model.

The model consists of the 6 must-have parameters for learning and experimenting in the age we live in. Orly believes that experience comes before knowledge and when presenting the model to educators she uses a lot of different experiences combined with theoretical material.

During the workshops, through different experiences, the educators acquire tools that they can incorporate in the classroom in order to make learning fun.

Educators are given tools to develop the creativity found in each of us and to develop entrepreneurial thinking to promote the development of creativity and unique projects.

Create, innovate and educate are not simply three words, but rather a pedagogy representing an educational world-view adjusted to our times and ready to be implemented in the present in order to shape the future.

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